The riad’s entire architecture was designed according to the symbolic meaning of number 7, and the metaphoric quest for the spiritual solution to the “squaring of the circle” problem, and resembles a human body with open arms who serenely embraces everyone who enters the riad.

Marrakech is a city protected by 7 saints who were buried in different districts of old Medina, which is still a destination for devoted pilgrims, for whom 7 means perfection.

The courtyard of the Riad is circular, a curious and almost unique feature in Marrakech, it is very big and is supported by 7 columns and 7 arches, which were finely engraved by skilful local craftsmen. At the centre of the patio there is the fountain created by a star with 7 tips each connecting to its relative column drawing a holy figure on the ground symbolically connecting to the universe. The fountain-sculpture is made of lead, and represents, in my imagination, the protagonist of the song “Dans l'eau de la Claire Fontaine”.

On the ground floor there is a spacious hall with a fireplace, a seating area with a TV set, and a reading room with an international library. The dining room, next to the hall, will receive you during the rare moment when you will not be able to enjoy the terrace on the second floor.

Last, but not least, the beautiful terrace of nearly 300 sq.m (3239 sq.ft) that here in Morocco it is not by chance the best place where people spend most of their time in complete relaxation to enjoy a 360 degree view of Medina.

Equipped with all amenities (kitchen, bar, shower, bathroom, coffee tables and sun beds), the terrace is fit to enable guests to have breakfast, enjoy tanning, refreshing cocktails, all decorated by the breath-taking sunsets, or to have romantic candlelight dinners framed by a florid landscape that, in this amazing country, blossoms all year long gifting visitors with brilliant colours.

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