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Stay in One of the Top Riads in Marrakech

Uniquely situated just steps away from the most fabulous hot spots in the Old Town, you will be staying at this wonderful Riad in the middle of the medival Medina of Marrakech. The Medina is the fabulous and mystic „old town“ surrounded by a town wall of about 20 Km length.

A Riad is a very special hotel. We have just seven suites and living at a Riad is very private and peaceful. The hotel staff is almost taking care of harmony, peace and quietness. We offer a comfortable and luxury place for you to relax after a day of sightseeing, event going, or working.

Hotel Amenities

The architectural concept is based on the ancient history of Marrakech. According to this, in the 17th century, there were seven saints who were particularly dedicated to the welfare of the people and all travelers and traders. Thus, our house is based on seven pillars with seven main foundations and seven rooms, as well as a logo that adapts the number seven as well. Enjoy with five senses, it is said so beautifully, with us it is seven, because also the soul and the Arab spirituality play a decisive role in our concept. The property was architecturally planned in the early 2000s by an Italian architect and built in 2008 and finally completed in 2011. As a special feature, our riad, probably the only one in the city, has a circular patio that extends into the sky with a dome. This gives the building a very special touch of harmony and well-being. Various suites even have exterior windows. All suites, of course, have windows into the patio and have been lavishly fitted

with light illuminations. As part of this restoration in 2021/2022, the roof terrace was redesigned, an expanded modern solar-based heating system was installed, a house water filtration system was installed, and all rooms were refurnished. The finest box-spring beds were procured, equipped with feel-good mattresses with aloe vera to provide you with optimal sleeping comfort.

Just like Marrakech, La Claire Fontaine combines antiquity and modernity. Traditional and antique features are combined with modern colors and well-being elements. Working and comfort are combined for your well-being also by means of the most modern and professional high-speed Internet technology with fiber optic connection. 

Everything for an unforgettable stay at La Claire Fontaine. 


6, Rue Bin Touahane
Sidi Ben Slimane
40000 Marrakech


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